SEPEC partners with BlinkLearning for its Collaborative Learning PhD

SEPEC partners with BlinkLearning for its Collaborative Learning PhD

The SEPEC Foundation will begin using BlinkLearning’s educational platform at the Collaborative Learning School created by the Jesuits of Barcelona.

The passion for teaching and educational methodologies unite BlinkLearning and SEPEC to collaborate on numerous projects.

The Collaborative Learning School (EAC, in its spanish initials) is a training space created by the SEPEC Foundation with the support of the Vicariate for Education of the Archbishopric of Santiago and stems from the partnership with the Jesuits of Barcelona. This teaching community offers both consulting services and numerous postgraduate degrees in more than 50 schools.

Since its inception in 2017, EAC has trained more than 1000 teachers in Chile, with more than 21 thousand students who have experienced these new learning processes.

With this alliance, SEPEC is committed to a digital platform through which to teach how to make use of the active methodologies in the Postgraduate in Collaborative Learning. The agreement, which will be effective in the 2019/2020 course, includes the use of the new BlinkLearning tool specifically designed for the creation of Projects.

About the SEPEC Collaborative Learning School:

  • It builds on a questioning structure in which the product is made by the students themselves.
  • The change has to come from within and the model has to allow them to “make it their own.”
  • The construction of a set of concrete pedagogical principles, which arise from the patterns that are repeated in the innovative experiences visited.
  • Sensitivity is essential for the teacher in order to approach the level at which the change occurs.
  • Finally, the teacher is the fundamental link in the implementation of an innovative pedagogical model.

Find more information about the SPEC Foundation’s Collaborative Learning School here.

About BlinkLearning and the new Project Tool:

BlinkLearning specializes in the development of technological solutions for education. Through BlinkLearning, teachers and students can access digital content from the main world publishers.

It is presently used in over 11,000 schools and keeps expanding its operations worldwide. Its main objective is to become the leading company in the industry of technological innovation applied in education. Aware of the importance of active methodologies, BlinkLearning has launched a tool to help teachers implement Projects in their classes.





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