Chef E and her recipes for education

Chef E and her recipes for education

Realinfluencers gets into the kitchen of Marisol Cipagauta, better known as Chef E, to learn more about her education recipes. In addition, it answers all our questions about the program, ICT in the classroom, social networks and the role of teachers.

Realinfluencers steps into the kitchen of Marisol Cipagauta, better known as Chef E, to learn more about her education recipes. In addition, she answers all our questions about the program she devised, the use of technology in the classroom, social networks and the role teachers play in the midst of it all.

In front of a set of white tiles and shelves full of jars of spices, essences and food, Marisol Cipagauta appears in her Chef E outfit. As if she were a Marvel superhero, before the broadcast of each program, this teacher by profession and by vocation a white hat and apron fits and becomes a specialist in education recipes.

“Chef E is a chef who shares simple recipes on educational matters, to which viewers can add that secret touch to make it special.”

Besides being Chef E, Marisol Cipagauta has an extensive curriculum linked to education. She worked as an undergraduate and postgraduate in a continuous teacher training program. Doctor of Education from NOVA University (USA), Master in Administration of Educational Institutions from the TEC of Monterrey (Mexico) and Social-Journalist Communicator of UNIMINUTO (Colombia), among other accomplishments.

She is currently the Director of the AEIOU Teaching Center of Excellence of Uniminuto, a higher education institution with a large presence in Colombia.

Pero además de ser la Chef E, Marisol Cipagauta ostenta un extenso currículum ligado a la educación. Se desempeñó como docente de pregrado, posgrado y formación continua de profesores, Doctora en Educación por NOVA University (EEUU), Magíster en Administración de Instituciones Educativas del TEC de Monterrey (México) y Comunicadora Social-Periodista de UNIMINUTO (Colombia), entre otras cosas. Actualmente es Directora del Centro de Excelencia Docente AEIOU de Uniminuto, una institución de educación superior con gran presencia en Colombia.

Chef E: a disruptive audiovisual experience

Chef E’s shows run about 5 to 10 minutes and are aired on the UNIMINUTO YouTube channel. The format, Marisol tells us, was born from the need to improve upon traditional guidelines for student development. “I thought of something practical which, at the same time, would allow for both a different and a timely way to address issues for a teacher anywhere in the world.”

The videos displayed are defined by her creator as “a disruptive audiovisual experience” and broadcasts address educational issues with national and international guests. Throughout the interview with Chef E, guest teachers share the ingredients of the recipe of the day and suggest the audience how to put them into practice.

Education recipes

The analogy with cooking recipes arises from the different new trends in the field of education.

“It is always the one who makes [the recipe] who, ultimately, decides whether to add a little more salt, grind or mix it. Chef E: merely makes suggestions. It is down to the audience to decide whether or not to add an additional ingredient.”

“In education we are changing and testing new trends, strategies, methodologies, techniques, each with its own characteristics just as when you try on a new recipe”

As a challenge for the future, Chef E would like the YouTube channel to cross borders, be seen on all continents and be translated to multiple languages.

The teacher’s role

Asked about the teacher’s role in society, Cipagauta sees herself as a mediator of the learning process.

With regard to technology use in the classroom, she says “a teacher is required to help the student to better understand society”. She also states that social networks are allies of education:

“A pedagogical use of networks encourages collaborative work and favors relationships. That is why it is important that there is a protocol that is known to all users and that maintains a sense of respect and responsibility”.

Which of your own education recipes would tou want to share?


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