4th Survey on the Use of Technology in Education

4th Survey on the Use of Technology in Education

This year we have expanded our participation in 5 countries: Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

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For the fourth year in a row, we already have the results of our ‘Survey on the Use of Technology in Education’. This year it especially stands out for the introduction of comparative data between five countries.

With almost 6000 survey respondents, our main objective of this research has been to discover what is the opinion of the teachers about current education situation, focusing on the integration of new technologies in the classroom.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers and collaborators for supporting us in the dissemination of the survey: Rey Juan Carlos University, Elige Educar, Corporación Universitaria Uniminuto de Dios, Innovación educativa del TEC de Monterrey and Ministerio de Educación de Perú.

But, what are the biggest advantages of this integration?

  • Generally speaking, 76% of teachers think that the main advantage in the use of technology in class is the possibility of accessing a vast number of contents and resources.
  • 66% consider that technology is a benefit for autonomous learning.

And the biggest challenges?

  • In Latin America, more than 60% of teachers think that connectivity is the main challenge to the introduction of technology in classes.
  • For the Spanish teachers, the biggest challenge is the teachers formation.
  • Another great problem is the lack of creativity to boost with the tools available for the students.
  • More than 40% of Latin American and Spanish teachers think that the biggest difficulty they see in their students is the inability to detect reliable sources of information.
  • Around 90% of teachers think that their profession is not sufficiently valued in our society.

The role of the teacher today

Similarly, we wanted once again to elevate the role of the teacher in society, properly crediting their work in education worldwide.

“Used properly, technological resources in an education environment also benefits us teachers, providing us with well-being and greater efficiency in our work.”.
Julio Alberto Ríos Gallego – Founder and producer of www.julioprofe.net – Colombia

“Technology will not replace teachers – quite the opposite. It will boost our efficiency”.
Karina Fuerte – Editor at Observatorio de Innovación Educativa del Tecnológico of Monterrey

“Educational technology is the tool which allows us to reach even further and beyond our classrooms. Technology should always be adapted to our
methodology and never the other way around”.
Jorge Calvo – Head of IT al Colegio Europeo of Madrid and co-founder of the EuropeanValley Education Project.

According to Gonzalo Baranda, BlinkLearning CEO:

“This survey’s goal is to provide key data regarding teacher’s use of technology. We want to thank our partners in this endeavor for their commitment to its drafting and promotion allowing us to expand the number of participating countries.”

This Survey on the Use of Technology in Educations has been posible thanks to the entire team of advisors who helped us in the expansión of the study, including the most relevant topics for the current teaching community.

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