Innova Schools and BlinkLearning agree deal to customise education through technology

Innova Schools and BlinkLearning agree deal to customise education through technology

The network of Peruvian schools becomes the first in the country to offer BlinkLearning services to their teachers and students. The largest network of schools in Peru, Innova has 37,000 students enrolled who learn with the Blended Learning methodology.

Innova Schools and BlinkLearning communication team

  • Innova Schools will be the first network of Peruvian schools using It has 37,000 students who learn with the Blended Learning methodology.
  • BlinkLearning’s tool will be implemented in 47 Innova Schools.

Intercorp group’s network of schools, Innova Schools, has agreed a deal with Spanish tech company BlinkLearning, named one of the 10 must-know companies in technology applied to education globally by Forbes. The deal aims to improve educational methodologies by implementing digital tools in Peru’s largest network of schools.

Innova Schools thus becomes the first Peruvian network of schools to offer BlinkLearning services, which have already been successfully implemented in 9,800 schools worldwide, reaching more than 1.5 million users. In Latin America alone, BlinkLearning is used in 1,500 schools, improving learning experiences of an ever growing number of students.

Innova Schools is Peru's largest network of schools

This partnership will provide Innova Schools with a large amount of digital information that will allow teachers to personalize content, adapting the information for each class or student according to their individual learning pace. The platform will be used in science classes, during the autonomous learning space known as Solo Learning, and will reach 47 Innova schools nationwide, benefiting 20,000 students.

This tool will allow the educational community to store all its digital content on a single platform. Students will be able to perform automatically graded exercises, activities, homework assignments and exams, which in turn will help teachers streamline the personalized marking process and allow the integration of digital content with classroom management, grades and internal messaging among other features.

Innova Schools and BlinkLearning believe in strengthening and improving education through technological innovation, despite being one of the industries with significant resistance to change.

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About BlinkLearning

BlinkLearning specializes in the development of technological solutions for education. Through BlinkLearning, teachers and students can access digital content from the main national and international educational publishers. In addition, it features an authoring tool that allows teachers to create their own content, accessible from any device both online and offline.

BlinkLearning is used in more than 9.800 educational institutions and is currently in full international expansion with presence in forty countries. Its objective is to be a world benchmark in the field of technological innovation for education.

In October 2015, it was selected by Forbes USA as one of the 10 essential companies in technology applied to education. In 2016, Inc. Magazine considered it one of the most promising technology companies in the world, the only one in the education sector.

In January 2017, BlinkLearning launched the #Realinfluencers movement, which aims to champion teachers’ role in society.

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