Blinklearning expands its digital multi-publisher catalog with the addition of 10 new publishers

Blinklearning expands its digital multi-publisher catalog with the addition of 10 new publishers

Teachers and students can now access more than 15.000 digital books from more than 50 leading national and international publishers.

A leading company in technological innovation for the education sector, BlinkLearning confirms the extension of the catalog of its multi-publisher platform having closed agreements with 10 new major international publishers.

  • With the signing of the latest contracts, Blinklearning establishes itself as the educational platform offering the most content in Spain and LATAM region – over 10,000 digital books from 50 different publishers.
  • Starting next Fall, with the opening of thew school year, more than 4.500 schools that use BlinkLearning will already have access to all this new content.

BlinkLearning, a company specializing in the development of technological solutions for education continues to focus on quality content with the inclusion in its catalog of leading publishers like Richmond, Castle, Houghton & Mifflin, Burlington, Cengage, ByMe, Bambú, Alma Edizione, Esfinge or Siglo XXIWith the additions to the catalog of these publishing houses, BlinkLearning continues to strengthen its multi-publisher line-up, now making available to available for students and teachers more than 10.000 digital books from over 50 different publishers, thus allowing  schools to choose from a wide range of content for the start of the next school year.

BlinkLearning offers a vast multi-publisher catalog with over 10,000 digital books from 50 different publishers

 About the publishers:


In 1992 Grupo Santillana started Richmond Publishing as a specialized division for the creation of English learning materials. The mission was making the teaching and learning of the English language a more motivating, enriching and effective experience for students and teachers alike.

Its catalog brings together authors, publishers, teachers and students in a process of creative collaboration to develop materials that include the latest innovations, promotes personal creativity and brings ideas and imagination forward in the service of teaching.


Founded in 1977, it was acquired by Macmillan Publishers in 2004. It is one of the leading publishers in the educational and cultural fields, following its initial line of products which specialized in official curricula content, as well as literature for children and young people.
Its catalog includes publications that address the learning and recreation needs of education today. Among this editorial catalog are textbooks, workbooks and other educational materials for pre-primary, primary and secondary studies.

Houghton & Mifflin

Used by over 50 million students of more than 150 different nationalities, it is a global company specializing in pre-K-12 educational content and generating cutting-edge technological content.
With content available through several media, Houghton & Mifflin seeks to meet the needs of students, teachers and parents. The publisher boasts a wide catalog which includes the following award-winning roster: 10 Nobel Prize winners, 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, 15 National Book Award winners, and more than 100 Caldecott, Newbery, Printz and Sibert Medal of Honor recipients.

Burlington Books

This editorial was born in 1994, becoming the first company specializing in educational English textbooks in Spain. Over the years it has positioned itself as a leading publisher in materials for primary and secondary education segments.

In addition to its main educational line, they have added additional material, specifically, reading, grammar and summer books.


A world-leading company in e-reference for academic, corporate and government markets. They have a wide range of electronic resources for research, recognized by the reliability and accuracy of its contents, as well as the intelligence with which they organize the vast variety of their sources.
To date, they maintain more than 600 databases, digital collections and knowledge portals available online.


Created by Macmillan and Edelvives, Byrne is an editorial project that combines the best of ELT and CLIL methodologies. Designating teacher support as their main objective, ByMe provides high quality educational materials designed specifically for bilingual and trilingual centers.
With the launch of courses such as Arts and Crafts, Natural Science and Social Science for Primary between 2012 and 2014, this publishing house is the reference in the bilingual/trilingual segment. By 2015, it had achieved the inclusion of Primary subjects and extended the project with the first books for Secondary: Biology & Geology and Geography & History.


A recent label belonging to Editorial Casals, Bambú was created in 2006 and seeks to publish times literary works for readers aged 6 and up.
With a catalog encompassing different many genres, Bambú’s pledge is one of quality, both literary and editorial. Therefore, the company’s criteria when it come to selecting the authors of the illustrations included in their books is no less rigorous.

Alma Edizioni

¡Founded in 1994, it is now considered the leading publisher in the production of training materials and courses for teaching Italian as a foreign language. It has an extensive distribution worldwide with a catalog of 150 titles for all ages divided between languages and supplementary materials.
This publisher is famous for remaining at the forefront of innovation, trying to make teaching and learning a pleasurable and rewarding activity.


This publisher is driven in its commitment to support Mexican education, manifesting it in its editorial quality carrying both classic titles deemed essential for Mexican education, as well new generations of authors.
Ranging from pre-school to upper secondary education and literature, Esfinge has a wide range of books and editions available.

XXI Century Spain

Founded in 1967, its mission is the dissemination of knowledge, thought and critical elementsm while also promoting social and academic debate.
In Spain it has an extensive catalog specialized in the fields of human and social sciences with political, economic and social titles that manage to convey everything that happened in the four decades of the Spanish-speaking world.


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