Blink Top 10 para Forbes

Blink Top 10 para Forbes

BlinkLearning, the only Spanish company included in the ranking “10 EdTech companies you need to know about” by Forbes Magazine.

Forbes magazine has included Blinklearning in its annual “10 EdTech companies you need to know about” published in its online edition on October 25, 2015. The ranking aims to emphasize companies that contribute to befit education through technology and innovation. Blink is the only Spanish company included in this year’s list.

According to Ilya Pozin, who pens the article:

“The technology behind the innovations in education come together in a broad range of companies ranging from start ups with billionaire capital to small solutions created by teachers.

What unites these companies is the common vision that education is one of the industries with the greatest resistance to change can benefit from technological innovation

“Blinklearning offers a wealth of digital content that allows teachers to create customized content based on content from leading publishers.

Teachers can customize the content for each class or each student based on learning pace. The company goal is that teachers can personalize education content with the advantage of already available within the platform”.

You can read Forbes’ full article here.


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