24 tips to improving your digital self

24 tips to improving your digital self

The modern digital context has proven to be an ideal way to access and share knowledge, but it is important to note that its use does’t always agree with the values of a traditional classroom. If you plan to enter the digital world and start spreading knowledge beyond the walls of your school, do not […]

The modern digital context has proven to be an ideal way to access and share knowledge, but it is important to note that its use does’t always agree with the values of a traditional classroom.

If you plan to enter the digital world and start spreading knowledge beyond the walls of your school, do not miss these 24 tips.

1. Nothing new under the sun

Making a name for yourself is not a new concept – reputation has always been important – the difference is that in the digital world you can reach more people and there are many different tools to do so.

2. Mind your stats or Die

Analytics can give you a lot of information beyond the number of visitors to your webpage or social media profiles. Study the numbers and draw conclusions. Disregarding this information is not a good way to improve your content. Remember that the goal is to be useful to others, and if that is not your goal, there really is no point in starting a blog or creating social media profiles.

3. Consistency

If you’re going to create a profile on different networks using the same name, make sure you’re consistent with your profile picture, your introduction and the content you share. If you want to use social media in a more personal way, be careful not to endanger your professional profile(s).

4. Robots are boring

Be human, be yourself, do not be afraid to show who you are even if not emulating a perfect BBC presenter. Authentic people generate hype.

5. Are you ready?

Ask yourself before entering the digital world if you are prepared to receive negative comments, unpleasant opinions or dealing in general with people who disagree with what you say.

6. Millennials

We all rely heavily on the internet. Millenials aren’t just young people but anyone ranging from 9 to 99.

7. Team

Do not spend too much money on the latest model video camera, a spotlight or an overly ellaborate set. Quality internet content doesn’t always have top notch. Let your team grow with alongside your success.

8. Beware the duster

Lies and cheating have nowhere to hide. Be honest, as trying to cover-up a lie equals death on the Internet.

9. The competition is a click

A click. That’s all it takes your visitors from navigating away from your content. Engage your audience with enthusiasm and from the very beginning.

10. Bring something to the table

The key in business is to always bring home the bacon, ie, share useful content with your followers. No need to reinvent the wheel, just explain things plainly and before any other blogger does it elsewhere. It’s enough.

11. Everything has been invented already

It is very likely that any tool you need to prepare your content is already invented and is free or very cheap.

12. Optimize your social media

Do not start a YouTube channel, an Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts all at once. You’ll just end up spending more time managing your social media than actually creating interesting content. The result is just lots of boring channels with your name on them.

13. Marketing is in the Air

In every word, every post, every image, every email you answer … attention to the details is key.Have an attitude in line with what you want to achieve. Marketing is not making a viral video and have 2 million plays in 24 hours. That is 95% luck.

14. Simple is Beautiful online

Design, logos, slogan … can be great fun to develop but you will lose a lot of time and your actual return it is difficult to measure. On the Internet beautiful is something easy to use, quick to load and that displays well on mobile phones, tablets and PCs alike.

15. It is not a job

Nor does it have the same philosophy. A good reputation online is nothing more than good sauce on a steak, ie, a luxury bonus. You’ll almost certainly not earn a salary from it, but it will give you a lot of visibility which in turn may help you find the best jobs and projects.

16. Da lot in a short time

The average time spent per user on a news article is very short… Keep it short and provide the information clearly and schematically. Internet users do not read, they skim.

17. If you get plagiarized, well done!

It means that at least one person was interested in what you do. Rather than get cocky about ir, kindly ask them to link back to your webpage and seek a partnership with them  you’re interested in their blog.

18. Collaborate

Other pages linking to your blog other pages is very good, very very good. Be on the lookout for good collaborators wishing to get involved in your page – that is a guaranteed link and like.

19. Common SEOnse

SEO is important, but do not make your content to please Google, but to please people.

20. Warning! Guru sight

Everything, everything there is to know about digital marketing on the Internet is free or very cheap to purchase. The first question to ask a guru is how many views your blog gets and what it has done in the past.

21. Avoid controversy

Entanglement in subjective discussions takes much time and energy, discussed only when worthwhile and contribution to your readers, if the opposite is the case, avoid them elegantly.

22. Don’t pay to much attention to what your friends say

Your lawyer friend, your cousins from your hometown, your mother or your aunt are not your audience. Tell them not to share your content or interact with it if they aren’t really all that interested. They can give you a wrong picture of the situation.

23. Be Uunpredictable

Surprise your followers with something new. If you find that you have a loyal group of followers, it is good that they notice improvements and that you put in the time. That is the way to keep the fire burning.

24. Respond … and do it Fast!

In the digital world, pacing is everything and days aren’t 9 to 5. Find time for yourself, but be prepared to check your blog or social media at any time of the day because you may have to retweet something or reply to a comment. ( see tip #15).


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